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The Beaton Family

Cape Breton Fiddle & Piano Music - The Beaton Family celtic

by Cape Breton Fiddle & Piano Music


Thomas MacDonnell's Strathspey/Traditional Strathspey/My Great FriendJohn Morris Rankin/Maire O'Keeffe Reel/Francis Beaton's Reel Quickstep/Gordon's Trip To Sydney/The Garden Wall Bandelena March/Ben Lomond Strathspey/Gabe Arsenault's Reel/Eoghan DhuReel/Tullamore Piper Hornpipe/Traditional Reel Mary Ann MacDougall's/Yester House Strathspey/MacKinnon's Other Rant/Beaton's Delight Reel/Joey Beaton's Reel/Tamarack'er Down The Haughs Of Cromdale/Johnny Sullivan/Malcolm Finlay's Reel/White Lightning Sandy MacIntyre's March/Because He Was A Bonnie Lad/Editor's FavouriteStrathspey Glenn Grahm's Jig/Teviot Bridge/Piper's Jig Coilsfield House/Farewell Friend March/Fraser's Jig The Brig O' Balater Strathspey/Fife Hunt Reel/Traditional Reel/Mrs. Ronald MacDonald's Reel Do'Igean Bachd/The Night The Goats Came Home/Carl Beaton's Reel/Michael Rankin's Reel A Joan Boes Tune/Erchless Castle March/Donald Angus Beaton's Strathspey/General Stewart Of Garth Strathspey/The Grey Old Lady Of Raasey Reel/The Men Of The Deeps Reel The MaidsofIslay/Lucy Campbell/Elizabeth's Big Coat/Old Time WeddingReel #1/MacKinnon's Other Rant/Old Time Wedding Reel #2 (Hamish The Carpenter) Back Of The Change House Strathspey/The Beaton Family Recording Strathspey/Todd Graham's Reel/Port St. Lucie Reel/Totar's Hornpipe/The Stone Frigate Andrea Beaton's March/The Laird O'Thrums Strathspey/Hoch Hey Johnny Lad/Sir Reginald MacDonald Reel/Traditional Laddie Reel/Traditional Reel Lady Dorthea Stewart Murray/The Glasgow Gaelic Club/Burt Feintuch Stumpie/Duke Of Gordon Strathspey/West Mabou Reel/Joys Of Mabou MinesReel/Anna Mae's Reel

CDDB: folk / e9116c10

Playing the Cape Breton fiddle | Natalie MacMaster

Playing the Cape Breton fiddle | Natalie MacMaster Natalie MacMaster and her musical partner Donnell Leahy play several tunes from the Cape Breton tradition -- a sprightly, soulful style of folk ...