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Music Sense & Freedb

Music Sense is based on freedb.
Freedb is a database of compact disc track listings, where all the content is under the GNU General Public License. It was originally based on the now-proprietary CDDB (compact disc database). As of April 24, 2006, the database holds just under 2,000,000 CDs. To look up CD information over the Internet, a client program calculates a hash function from the CD table of contents and uses it as a disc ID to query the database. If the disc is in the database, the client is able to retrieve and display the artist, album title, tracklist and some additional information.

To add your music on our calogue you add to send your preferite music cd info by one of the aware applications follwing this info

ARISTOCATS  The Aristocats

The Aristocats

Soundtrack 1970

R  R


Musical 2004